Before and After

Why Do I Share Transformations?

What is the deal with showing a Before and After image of my clients?

I don’t know about you but I am a fanatic about TV “Makeover” showsWhat Not To Wear. LOVE LUST or Run, The Biggest Loser, are some of my guilty pleasures to watch. 

It’s not just the end result that I am fascinated by, it’s that, that person has always been inside of the participants! 

That stay-at-home mom who has baby spit on her sweatpants; she IS a gorgeous goddess and a rockstar!

We all have busy schedules. Things to do, work, and the kids all become what is most important and sometimes we ourselves take a back seat. Our health, our wardrobe, our hair & makeup, are ranked at the bottom of our priorities list.

So once in awhile, it’s great to take that back! To take back balance. To take back you! 

So, why do I show you transformations? To show you that we are all human and imperfectly perfect.

 We all get busy but we ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!

We are in a tribe of mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives. We do so much for everyone in our lives but we must not forget to give ourselves a little love too

I would never ask my clients to do something that I would not do myself. 

So here you have it! My straight-out-of-bed to full on Glam transformation! 

I just think they are so cool to do too! Please feel free to share this with your friends and girlfriends.