Ladies, Let's Talk about Guilt

I was with a client recently and she is a international business coach working with huge corporations and especially female CEO's. The topic of guilt came up and guilt specifically pertaining to women!

How woman feel guilt when they do something just for themselves. Especially if it involves spending money on only themselves. 

Why is this that we feel this way? Why can't we do something for our selves and feel good about it?

Why can't we see that making ourselves happy WILL benefit everyone in our lives?

I had this realization also this week while my boyfriend was away for work over the weekend. We do not have children nor are we married, so a weekend to myself should result in the ultimate girls weekend right?

I began to dream of a day at the spa and a mani-pedi, brunch with old friends. Then, I started rationalizing against all these fabulous ideas and had thoughts of "no you shouldn't spend all that money on just yourself" or I thought "we could spend this money on a weekend together".

I caught myself discrediting my worth and rationalizing why it's not worth the money....to spend it on JUST ME!

What?!! Where does this all come from? Why do I have GUILT about spending MY OWN money on myself and my happiness. 

As woman we often put "the greater good" of our loved ones above ourselves. Then, we feel guilt when we do something wonderful for ourselves.

Everyday Glamour and finding balance starts with ourselves and making the time to find that little part of self-love everyday.



“We need more balance in our lives” is something we have heard for years and throughout the the media. This term typically refers to women, working moms, career women trying to do and have it all, right?


Well, we have been fed a lie. That we CAN have balance and NEED it in our lives.

(Bare with me this is a long post because you've gotta hear this!)


By definition “Balance” means “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions”, which is not intended to be applied to “balance” in one’s life.


To do two things simultaneously and equally efficient, is actually IMPOSSIBLE!


You may think, well it is physically possible to do two things, Michelle. I can walk and talk or sing and drive at the same time.


But have you ever noticed how when you need to fully concentrate, say in the car when you are lost and looking for directions; you may lower the radio?


Or when you are walking and talking but then need to focus on the important key point you are trying to make to your boss; you will stop walking?


The term “balance” when pertaining to women’s lives was first introduced in the public mainstream in the 1980’s when women began to take over the American corporate work force.


By nature, humans, are not able to equally distribute our “elements in correct proportions”. The word balance is a noun, it is a “thing”. It should not be used to describe a human behavior.


It’s better to say that we as women need to practice the act of “BALANCING” which is a verb and an action we can do in our lives.


I want you to no longer say “I need more balance in my life”, what we need to shift our mindset to say “I am actively balancing my priorities by valuing myself as a priority”.


Have you ever noticed that on Airplanes during the introductory safety drill, the flight attendant says “in case of an emergency, place the oxygen mask over yourself before assisting children or others”.


We can not help the ones we love in our lives if we do not take care of ourselves first.


Since practicing more self love and self care for myself, my business has grown beyond my dreams, my relationship with my boyfriend is stronger than ever, and I have more energy and motivation for everyone. I’ve created healthy habits that will carry on throughout my life so I can one day care for my family and my clients with all of my self. A happier, healthier, more confident version all from showing myself a little love too.


The Dali Lama once said “ The world will be saved by the Western Woman”.



If we take care of ourselves, we have more of ourselves to give. We can volunteer, create companies that change the world, raise children that are mindful and respectful of our world and humanity.



Take Back Balance | A Self Love Challenge

Do you struggle with finding balance in your life? Do you ever make yourself a priority?

Do you feel guilty about spending time or money on your self?

As women we rarely make time for ourselves outside of our career and personal lives.

After struggling for years to find a way to love myself for who I am and now, after mastering the art of photographing women, I have come to realize we all struggle with this.


I want to help you begin your own journey towards more self love and higher self esteem though daily practices of mindfulness, gratitude, and self care.

I have created a fun, easy to follow FREE 15 DAY Beauty & Empowerment Challenge for women only! 

I hope you will join me and join the movement! 

The challenge begins March 28th!

Why Do I Share Transformations?

What is the deal with showing a Before and After image of my clients?

I don’t know about you but I am a fanatic about TV “Makeover” showsWhat Not To Wear. LOVE LUST or Run, The Biggest Loser, are some of my guilty pleasures to watch. 

It’s not just the end result that I am fascinated by, it’s that, that person has always been inside of the participants! 

That stay-at-home mom who has baby spit on her sweatpants; she IS a gorgeous goddess and a rockstar!

We all have busy schedules. Things to do, work, and the kids all become what is most important and sometimes we ourselves take a back seat. Our health, our wardrobe, our hair & makeup, are ranked at the bottom of our priorities list.

So once in awhile, it’s great to take that back! To take back balance. To take back you! 

So, why do I show you transformations? To show you that we are all human and imperfectly perfect.

 We all get busy but we ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!

We are in a tribe of mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives. We do so much for everyone in our lives but we must not forget to give ourselves a little love too

I would never ask my clients to do something that I would not do myself. 

So here you have it! My straight-out-of-bed to full on Glam transformation! 

I just think they are so cool to do too! Please feel free to share this with your friends and girlfriends.