Headshot Myth #1


For the next few weeks, I’ll be debunking myths regarding headshots. Here’s the first one:

Not all photographers are created equally.

This is a big myth that I want to debunk! This is not the case at all.

Most professional photographers actually have a specialty that they really excel at.

You can usually find out what a photographer’s specialty is by visiting their Instagram account and website. What are they mostly showcasing? Is it headshots, weddings, babies, boudoir, cars, landscapes, etc.

My biggest tip when trying to find the right photographer, is to review their work and ask yourself, “can I see myself here?” Does their style align with what you are looking for?

Why is finding the right photographer so important?

You will be investing a significant amount of time and money for your images. Not to mention they maybe the most important person you hire to capture a once in a lifetime moment that you can never get back.

Whether it be newborns, headshots, or your wedding you want to find a professional that you trust as an artist. That they can capture you just like all of their other clients.