The 5 Biggest Myths About Professional Headshots


I wanted to break down the 5 biggest myths about professional headshots for you.

Times have really changed in the last 10 years with a heavily digital world we live in now, that the rules of headshots have changed along with it.

The first biggest myth is that ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE CREATED EQUALLY and that any old photographer with a “decent camera” is all you need for a headshot. This is not the case at all. Most professional photographers have a specialty that they really excel at. You can usually find out what a photographer’s specialty is by visiting their instagram accounts. What are they mostly showcasing? Is it weddings, babies, boudoir, cars, landscapes, etc. Review their work and ask yourself, “can I see myself here?” Does their style align with your vision for your business or brand?

Why is finding the right photographer so important? You will be investing a significant amount of time and money for your headshots. Your headshot will be the first impression you make online and you want to make sure it’s a great one.

Myth #2, I CAN WAIT UNTIL THE TIME IS RIGHT TO GET MY HEADSHOTS DONE. First of all, the time for anything in life will never be 100% perfect.

When it comes to doing your headshots, you are preparing for that big promotion, manifesting that award nomination, prepared for the chance to be featured in a magazine article, and taking a step towards your professional future.   

It’s much better to be proactive in your life and your business than sitting around waiting for that big break to come your way. New stunning headshots, will attract higher end clients, could lead to bigger sales, showcase that you take your career seriously, and are always good to have on hand for that big break.

I hate having to turn away women who beg me for a shoot and say “I need a headshot done this week because I was nominated for a big honor and they need a headshot. I’ve always loved your work.” Nothing breaks my heart more to have to turn away these ladies because we book up weeks in advance. Plan ahead and be prepared.


News flash, we are living in a heavily digital world where we are bombarded by thousands of images everyday; your headshot needs to stand out.

Sure, a traditional image with your arms crossed is always good to have especially if you are in a really formal career (ie lawyer or mortgage broker). I always shoot at least one shot like this for my clients but it should not be your one and only image you are using for your marketing and business.

Now with all of the social media platforms, plus your website, newsletter, blog, email footer, and more… mix it up. Your headshot should be engaging, authentic, and stylish. It should engage your audience and showcase your personality.

Myth #4, I NEED TO WEAR A SUIT TO LOOK PROFESSIONAL. No way Jose. In fact, I actually discourage my clients from bringing suits. Again, unless you are in a very traditional corporate job, suits are a bit old school. Plus, they typically are too bulky and add inches to your figure.

You can still be professional by wearing a great dress, fun blouse, jeans and blazer, etc. What do you normally wear to a client meeting or presentation? That is what you should wear for your headshots. It will be more authentic. More you!

Myth #5, I’LL JUST DO MY OWN MAKEUP FOR MY SHOOT. I always highly recommend that my clients book a professional makeup artist for their session. Even though you may be great at doing your makeup for work, makeup for a photoshoot is applied differently. Plus, a professional makeup artist is brilliant at creating clean fresh skin, eyes that pop, and helping select the right colors for you.

For your headshots, you really want to present the best version of yourself and hiring a professional to do your hair & makeup will add the finishing touch to your images.   

Your headshot is so much more important now. It’s the signature to your brand and represents your business. A great headshot can really help your business grow so take my tips and have fun with your shoot.