It Was Time For An Update | My Personal Headshots

So as we came to the end of 2015 and I have so much fantastic magical things planned for 2016, I thought to myself, it’s time for new portraits!


Time really flies and it’s hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years or more since I took my formal beauty headshots. I better practice what I preach, and update my own headshots every 2-3 years too! So it’s time for an update.  


So you may ask, who photographs the photographer? I am collaborating with my fabulous and talented  studio manager, Andrea to photograph me!



Ahh, and now just like you, I was a little freaked out. It’s funny to think that even a photographer becomes just a girl for her big photoshoot. (I may have even freaked out even more than most people.)



The immediate thought popped up, “I have nothing to wear”! Of course once I really looked through my closet I had plenty of options. I then added a huge shopping spree where I bought half of Nordstrom saying “this will work” even though that hot jump suit doesn’t zip up (no one sees the back of the outfit in the photos..wink wink), as I pose in the mirror of the dressing room.


It’s time to get some gym time in at the last minute to “tone up” too.


I’ve frantically made nail and hair appointments. All in an effort to get it all done and work a full time job and take care of my loved ones and social obligations (who’s idea was it to plan a shoot the week before Christmas anyhow…..oh yea mine).


The best thing that has come from all this, is that I now I have an experience fresh in my mind to relate to my clients. All the FEARS, worries, and little insecurities all come to the surface but now I can honestly tell my clients "trust me I totally understand what you are worried about but, you are in good hands and I am here to walk you through this."

After all, I am just a girl and we all just want to look and feel great! I am so honored and excited to share some of the final images (more to come soon.)



For Photographers | Networking with Purpose

I am honored to be apart of an ongoing blog series for photographers by photographers. Special thanks to Erin of the Business of Beauty and you can read the other amazing posts here: SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS | BLOG SERIES 

Portraits of Alina Villasante of Peace Love World. Featured on Oprah's Circle of Friends.  

Portraits of Alina Villasante of Peace Love World. Featured on Oprah's Circle of Friends.  

Social media marketing is such an important aspect to our brands and as creatives you may say, "why do I need to network in-person"? Or that you are currently frustrated and exhausted from attending so many events and never booking a client. 

The art of networking is so much more than just "showing up" and handing out business cards and then expecting people to be begging you to book. The funny thing is, that at net-workers no one in the room is actually there to "buy" or are looking for your service. Chances are they are also there to sell and represent their own companies. 

So you may say. Oh "that proves it" these net-workers are a waste of time but that's actually not the case. You just have to approach these situations differently and strategically.

The true art of networking is to develop authentic relationships. I once read that it takes "7 touches" for a potential client to develop their trust and to be ready to buy from you. 

You may call me old fashioned but in-person networking accounts for the majority of my leads. We are in a word-of-mouth referral business and I have found 5 key steps to successfully utilizing in-person net-workers to grow and create a thriving business:

5 Steps to Networking with Purpose:

1- Have a plan and a goal in mind. In my early years of business I would go to every single event I was invited to, with a handful of business cards and eager to pass them out to everyone. This left me exhausted and feeling desperate. Now, I am very strategic about which events I will attend...only events that my ideal clients will be attending. These are mainly, high-end women's brunches, fashion shows, and female business net-workers. (Looking into your local Chamber of Commerce, fundraising events, and your local BNI chapters. Find groups that you actually enjoy attending with people you can become friends with).

2- Be positive and feel good before attending. Nothing is worse than forcing yourself out after a long day at work and being in a "bad" mood. Not to mention trying to fake being energized, authentic, and engaging with people. So, I always plan for downtime before a net-worker to take a moment and set a positive intention, touch up my makeup, and leave early to feel at ease. If you are really in a bad mood or not feeling well, then your time is better spent at home. Skip the event. We don't have to do it all and the worst thing is to give off bad energy to potential clients. We want to be authentically excited to be there. 

3- Listen more than you speak. The best way to be engaged is to be present and ask questions. Let the other person or woman speak about herself and her business, ask insightful questions to get to know her better. This is also a great tip if you are a little shy, just ask questions. Everyone loves to talk about themselves which will then help you get to know her. She will naturally ask you what you do and that's when you can show her what you do. I always keep a portfolio of images on my i-phone and let my work speak for its self. 

4- Create a true relationship or friendship. People buy from people they like. Point blank. Women are incredible at making connections and helping their friends. Attend these events with the intention to make friends and to connect with people on a deeper level. You are not necessarily trying to sell to the people you meet, rather to their friends. 

Imagine this, the more friends you have out there saying "OMG I know the sweetest and most talented photographer, you have got to call her for your portraits (or wedding etc.), the better! 

5- Follow up & keep in touch. No one at these events is there to book you on the spot but they may have really enjoyed meeting you. This is where the follow up email/call, social media and marketing come into play. If a women did say point blank, "I'd love to hire you!" Then, the very next day you need to call or email her with a sweet message about what you spoke about. For everyone else you meet, add them to your newsletter list, invite them to like your Facebook page, etc. This is how your consistent social-media marketing will keep you in their memory as the "sweet and super talented photographer," So that when the time is right, you are the first person they call and refer to friends! 

Finally met Sue Bryce at the Photo Plus Expo and Photo District News Seminars in NYC, 2015.

Finally met Sue Bryce at the Photo Plus Expo and Photo District News Seminars in NYC, 2015.

BONUS TIP: Ask for what you want or who you would like to meet! I am very clear about the types of people I wish to meet, and am able to always keep an eye out for them as potential clients. I have also trained myself to learn to ask for introductions! If you would like to photograph someone specific for a company, magazine or beauty portraits, then ask for those introductions!

Women by nature are social, love to share and are well connected. We love to support our friends and colleges. 

Thank you for reading. I hope this was helpful. Thank you to Erin with the Business of Beauty for inviting me to blog about my experiences to help others thrive!

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It's Ok to be Nervous

It's ok to be nervous about the idea of doing a full beauty photo shoot! We totally get it and you are not alone. The idea that you will be the center of attention, being pampered and fussed over, being told "Oh My God you're gorgeous" during your session; this is an unsettling idea for most women. By nature, women are so selfless and often sacrifice so much to better the lives of their loved ones before themselves. 

Every one that calls the studio before their session is a little nervous. Some more than others but every woman is nervous. It's a little scary to come to a photo studio to spend a day in the spotlight as a "model" and you have no idea what to do! Do you? Don't worry, that is not your job to know what to do, wear, or how to pose. That's our job and that is what we do best. 

So you don't know what to wear? We have designed a 10 page Style Guide E-Book just for you and your shoot with specific recommendations and examples to flatter your figure! You'd be surprised what fabulous dresses and outfits you have sitting in your own closet that you may have forgotten about. What about that gown you bought years ago for a friends wedding and feel beautiful in or your "wild card" dress you bought thinking "OMG I love this but when will I ever wear it". Bring it! A beauty shoot is the perfect time to dust off your favorite dresses. 

So you have no modeling experience? You don't need any! All you really would need is an open mind and heart to trust Michelle and her team. We will work with you while Michelle will be your posing coach and direct you all the way from your chin down to your toes. She will be continuously repositioning you and chatting during your session so you won't even get a chance to think about it. 

You still don't know what to expect or what to do? Everything from all the details, timeline, the experience and designing your dream photo shoot will all be answered and discussed during your private style consultation with Michelle. You will come to the studio and together you will plan your custom session, look at our Studio's line of Fine Art products, plan what to wear and ask all the questions you can think of.  Then, after you book you will be receiving reminder emails and a courtesy phone call the week of your session to make sure you are all ready for your day. 

So, there is no reason to be terrified about doing a beauty portrait photo shoot. Especially at a studio that specializes and caters to women's needs and bodies. Having a few "butterflies" in your stomach is a good thing and means that this is something that excites you! Excitement is a good thing! We all deserve a little excitement and pampering in our lives.

Call the studio today to speak with Michelle and set a date for your Style Consultation at the studio. 305.576.7225. 

Highlights from the March Head Shot Marathon

In March we had our first Head Shot Marathon of 2015 and it was an incredible success! We had the pleasure of spending a fantastic Saturday morning with 4 powerhouse professional woman (Ivette & Lori a mother daughter realtor team. Sirena, an incredibly talented Graphic Designer and Mary Ann a Lawyer). 

In the past, we have offered the Marathons on a week day but this time around we wanted to give it a try as something fun and enriching to do for yourself and your business on a Saturday morning. As a happy mistake, 2 of the 4 girls showed up EXTRA early! So, that meant everyone was together at once in the studio. Which ended up creating an experience where the girls were networking, helping one another choose outfits, and encouraging each other to help calm nerves. 

We hope you will join us for the next Marathon in June! 


Ivette's first look at herself after her full makeover and can'e believe what she sees! 

Ivette's first look at herself after her full makeover and can'e believe what she sees! 

4 girls can sure pack a lot of clothes and have so much to talk about between shoots! 

4 girls can sure pack a lot of clothes and have so much to talk about between shoots! 

After the girls full Transformations! 

After the girls full Transformations! 

A Spiritual Session with Lisa Eve

We photograph woman every day but, Lisa Eve was unique. She came to the studio with an unusual request. "I need portraits to cover all the of my businesses".

So, during her consultation we realized more than one session was needed to showcase all of the facets to her business. Entrepreneur, Spiritual healer, and author. 

The highlight of her incredible session was when Lisa sat with me after her session and we chatted and she guided me with her angels, and we spoke for an hour about life, love and career. She brings joy and ease to all she meets and is an inspirational female entrepreneur. It was such an honor to help her grow her brand and be apart of her team.

In need of a pick-me-up? Check out Lisa's wonderful "Happy Channel" here to find inspiration quotes and to watch videos to just make you smile! It's your one-stop-shop for Happy. 

A Busy Girls Guide to Stay Beautiful

 By no means am I a heath guru or beauty expert but, I do love everyday glamour and live a life of natural beauty. I am obsessed with reading and learning how to age gracefully and how to do it naturally. 

A few great natural tips to everyday beauty and the busy-girls-guide to staying beautiful: 

1- Make sure to wash your face every night! I read once that only 50% of woman wash their faces at night. The reason why experts call it "beauty sleep" is that our cells regenerates while we sleep. So take this opportunity to revamp your skin! Don't let the day's makeup and environmental residue sit on your face overnight. Get a refreshed look by gently exfoliating with a clean wash cloth and washing with a natural fragrance-free soup every night. Your skin will thank you with this quick and inexpensive trick!

2- Wear sunscreen from your forehead to you BOOBS. Often magazines tell us to wear our facial sunscreen (make sure its a minimum of 30 spf)  but many girls often forget to cover their necks and chests. These areas are also the first to show age and it's very important to practice in our early 20's. BONUS TIP: don't forget coverage of the tops/backs of your hands. Hands often age quickly with excess of sun exposure . (My favorite natural and affordable brand: Kiss Sunscreen)

3- Add vitamin E  Oil to your everyday moisturizer. A great way to pump antioxidants into your daily routine is to add a simple and inexpensive few drops of Vitamin E to your daily moisturizer.  (Found at every local drugstores and in the vitamin isle at any store).


Thanks for reading and following! 

-Michelle Citrin of Neox Image

Behind the scenes of suzy's Maternity Shoot

We were lucky enough to welcome Suzy back into the studio for a beautiful maternity session with husband Gus. The happy couple are expecting twin baby girls! This session was one full of fabrics, flowers and glamour. Suzy wore a beautiful flowy whimsical dress for part of her shoot that made her look gorgeous! Overall it was a day full of pampering and celebrating such an exciting time in this couples lives. We can't wait to have the opportunity to photograph the twins! 

Check out our behind the scenes photos from this amazing day!


The Celebrity Experience

GIna and Richard photographed in similar pose to that of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, seen on the cover of vogue

GIna and Richard photographed in similar pose to that of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, seen on the cover of vogue

Celebrities have a team of expert makeup artists, stylists, photographers and retouchers when shooting for magazines, to transform them into drop dead gorgeous bombshells. The media filters and distorts our perception of reality by only showing the photo-shopped portraits of these celebrities. But the truth is, that all of us need a little bit of "Glamming up" for photo shoots!

All women are beautiful, what these teams of stylists, makeup artists and photographers do is feature the best attributes of those women and run with it! With proper posing of the body, flattering clothing and hair and makeup to enhance your best features, you too can have a celebrity style photo shoot!

To look beautiful you have to feel beautiful. At Neox Image we focus on the over all feeling and experience during your session. Your fashion portrait session will be one to remember and brag about.

Why should a team of beauty experts only be an exclusive luxury only for the famous? It shouldn’t! This July only, receive $100 off your fashion session.

Now you can meet and work with our expert team at Neox Image and get a chance to feel like a celebrity for a day.

Hello Gorgeous! How do you dream of being photographed?

Behind the scene! Mini Headshot Marathons

This summer we had the pleasure of running two amazing headshot marathons for all of our fabulous men and women of Miami. Our first headshot marathon, we had the pleasure of photographing four amazing women. It was such joyous morning getting to know these women and have such a great turn out for our first ever marathon. 

Our second headshot marathon was as much of a success as the first! We were lucky enough to have the men to join us this time to experience what the mini headshot marathon was all about. A morning filled with laughs, coffee and tie-pairing, made the experience painless and very enjoyable for the two busy business men. Our lovely women spent the late morning getting pampered with hair and makeup as well as mixing and matching beautiful pieces of jewelry to compliment their stylish outfits. All in all, our headshot marathon was another great success, we are excited to see what additional mini marathons we think up next!

Enjoy our behind the scenes shots of our two marathons!

Behind the Scenes with Angela and Olivia


Angela and Olivia's shoot was a beautiful mother daughter day! Olivia took a sneaky day off school to come get pampered and photographed with her mom. The day was filled with vintage tiaras and tutus.  Mom Angela, was glammed head to toe with hair and makeup, and even Olivia had little curls and blush to make herself feel special. Overall, the day was great, Olivia and her mom had a morning full of love and memories that will be remembered forever. 

check out the behind the sense photos from their special day!


Behind the scenes! Julie's Maternity shoot

We were so excited to have mom-to-be Julie in the studio! It was a morning full of maternity glamour. Our hair and makeup artist glammed Julie up for a very luxurious shoot. We were fortunate enough to have Julies husband pop in for a few portraits making the experience very personal for the two of them. Overall this day was a blast, we can't wait to meet the new baby girl to give her the Neox Experience as well!

Check out our behind the scenes photographs from Julie's glamour maternity shoot!

Gina and Richard

Gina and Richard are a fun loving couple with rock star style! They joined us in the studio for a very special couples portraits session in which we were able to do both a high fashion glam look, as well as a simple calvin Klein "Jeans and tee" look. Gina also took some fun portraits in Richards oversized sweater which were fun and personal! Along with some champagne, they spent saturday morning with us which turned into a great rainy day date. After the shoot they were all dolled up to attend a night time gala, sounds like one amazing day!

The corporate portrait doesn’t need to be the old fashioned stuffy, “stand and smile” shots. Why settle when you can truly showcase your beauty and professional personality at Neox Image. We love showing you just how gorgeous you are. 

Last week, we had the lovely Anapaola come in for her professional portraits. As a business coach, she needs images to connect with her clients and allow her personality to shine through. 

Mini Head Shot Marathon!

Anna B.

Anna B.

Carmen H.

Carmen H.

Arcelia D.

Arcelia D.

Elle B.

Elle B.

Mini Head Shot Marathon was a hit! It was a joy photographing these four beautiful ladies in the studio. We decided to mix things up and have four mini shoots in one day for women wanting  professional head shots. These lovely women got to come in for some socializing, outfit picking and glamming up with hair and makeup!

Family portrait session with Rachel, Josh and Jeremy

Fun loving Jeremy, full of giggles and frog jumps was a blast to have in the studio! Accompanied by his mom and dad (Josh and Rachel) they enjoyed a full luxury portrait session with the works! While Jeremy was playing with Josh, Rachel was prepping for her session with hair and make up done by our on staff artist, giving her the glam time she deserved. Overall the family indulged in a glamour session that was full of fun playful memorable moments.


All of the fun and attention doesn’t need to just be with the woman here at Neox Image. We love doing fun and contemporary family shoots too. 

Last month, we had the pleasure of photographing this fun adventure-loving family. Even little Max and Ellie got into the glam session with the stunning styling help by mom. A photo shoot is the perfect time to play dress-up with the kids. Let them be the little princes and princesses they dream to be. 

Victoria Bella welcomes her new brother Kevin

1 year old Victoria Bella welcomes her newborn brother Kevin . 

1 year old Victoria Bella welcomes her newborn brother Kevin . 

Kevin is all about getting his sleep on

Kevin is all about getting his sleep on

Meet the newest addition to the Weinraub family, Kevin Robert, born April 2, 2014. We had the pleasure of being there to capture his arrival at 14 days old. Not to mention, capture some timeless images of big sister, Victoria’s curiosity and love. This sweet boy has some fun times ahead with his big sister, who just celebrated her 1st birthday. 

Last week, we had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with Janet and Sandy as part of Janet’s very special birthday celebration. Sandy went above and beyond to plan a week of festivities and surprises for his wife and created the most elaborate series of events including a custom portrait shoot at Neox Image.

We were more than delighted to be included in a long list of activities including a girls weekend trip to Canyon Ranch on Miami Beach. Which, Sandy secretly planned for friends and family to fly in from across the country to surprise Janet throughout the day.

The gift of portraiture is something out of the ordinary yet something rather extraordinary to add to the mix. We are truly blessed to be able to share with our clients a day of pampering and laughter while creating an unforgettable experience by creating timeless images they will cherish for a lifetime. 

How do you dream of being photographed? Let’s plan your extraordinary shoot together.