Why Do I Photograph Women?

This year I had the incredible pleasure of turning 30 years old! Yes, I said it. I am happy and feel blessed to age one more beautiful year!

I didn't hide away or cry that, "OMG I'm now 30! My 20's are over" (like many of my friends).

Rather, I rejoice in being given the gift of aging. So many other young girls were not as fortunate to reach the age of 30 in their lives and I could have been one of them. 

Not many people know that at the age of 24 and just a month before graduating college, I was in a terrible car crash. My car was completely totaled and I broke over 6 bones, including my clavicle and a portion of my ribs. So, turning 30 was a real reason to celebrate. 

As women, we have been conditioned to believe beauty is only for the young but, I disagree.

We complain about our wrinkles, our weight, our hair, our bodies; the list can go on. I hear it everyday from my clients.

I want you to turn off the "itty bitty sh**ty committee" inside of you. We need to change the way we think about ourselves and what we choose to believe. We should practice mindful self-love and not debilitating self-hate.

We should speak to ourselves the way we speak to our loved ones. Would you ever tell your mother, sister, or best friend the things you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?

We need to choose to see our beauty and celebrate it. No matter what age you are.


This is why I photograph woman. I want you to see what your husband and children see. I want you to love yourself so you can love your life and spread joy to everyone and to your children which will create a better future for our world. 

To grow older is not guaranteed it's a blessing and you should rejoice in every new stage of your life. You've earned those wrinkles from loving, laughing, and living! Try to remember that and be grateful for all your uniqueness. 

It Was Time For An Update | My Personal Headshots

So as we came to the end of 2015 and I have so much fantastic magical things planned for 2016, I thought to myself, it’s time for new portraits!


Time really flies and it’s hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years or more since I took my formal beauty headshots. I better practice what I preach, and update my own headshots every 2-3 years too! So it’s time for an update.  


So you may ask, who photographs the photographer? I am collaborating with my fabulous and talented  studio manager, Andrea to photograph me!



Ahh, and now just like you, I was a little freaked out. It’s funny to think that even a photographer becomes just a girl for her big photoshoot. (I may have even freaked out even more than most people.)



The immediate thought popped up, “I have nothing to wear”! Of course once I really looked through my closet I had plenty of options. I then added a huge shopping spree where I bought half of Nordstrom saying “this will work” even though that hot jump suit doesn’t zip up (no one sees the back of the outfit in the photos..wink wink), as I pose in the mirror of the dressing room.


It’s time to get some gym time in at the last minute to “tone up” too.


I’ve frantically made nail and hair appointments. All in an effort to get it all done and work a full time job and take care of my loved ones and social obligations (who’s idea was it to plan a shoot the week before Christmas anyhow…..oh yea mine).


The best thing that has come from all this, is that I now I have an experience fresh in my mind to relate to my clients. All the FEARS, worries, and little insecurities all come to the surface but now I can honestly tell my clients "trust me I totally understand what you are worried about but, you are in good hands and I am here to walk you through this."

After all, I am just a girl and we all just want to look and feel great! I am so honored and excited to share some of the final images (more to come soon.)



Behind the scene! Mini Headshot Marathons

This summer we had the pleasure of running two amazing headshot marathons for all of our fabulous men and women of Miami. Our first headshot marathon, we had the pleasure of photographing four amazing women. It was such joyous morning getting to know these women and have such a great turn out for our first ever marathon. 

Our second headshot marathon was as much of a success as the first! We were lucky enough to have the men to join us this time to experience what the mini headshot marathon was all about. A morning filled with laughs, coffee and tie-pairing, made the experience painless and very enjoyable for the two busy business men. Our lovely women spent the late morning getting pampered with hair and makeup as well as mixing and matching beautiful pieces of jewelry to compliment their stylish outfits. All in all, our headshot marathon was another great success, we are excited to see what additional mini marathons we think up next!

Enjoy our behind the scenes shots of our two marathons!

The corporate portrait doesn’t need to be the old fashioned stuffy, “stand and smile” shots. Why settle when you can truly showcase your beauty and professional personality at Neox Image. We love showing you just how gorgeous you are. 

Last week, we had the lovely Anapaola come in for her professional portraits. As a business coach, she needs images to connect with her clients and allow her personality to shine through. 

Mini Head Shot Marathon!

Anna B.

Anna B.

Carmen H.

Carmen H.

Arcelia D.

Arcelia D.

Elle B.

Elle B.

Mini Head Shot Marathon was a hit! It was a joy photographing these four beautiful ladies in the studio. We decided to mix things up and have four mini shoots in one day for women wanting  professional head shots. These lovely women got to come in for some socializing, outfit picking and glamming up with hair and makeup!

Last week, we had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with Janet and Sandy as part of Janet’s very special birthday celebration. Sandy went above and beyond to plan a week of festivities and surprises for his wife and created the most elaborate series of events including a custom portrait shoot at Neox Image.

We were more than delighted to be included in a long list of activities including a girls weekend trip to Canyon Ranch on Miami Beach. Which, Sandy secretly planned for friends and family to fly in from across the country to surprise Janet throughout the day.

The gift of portraiture is something out of the ordinary yet something rather extraordinary to add to the mix. We are truly blessed to be able to share with our clients a day of pampering and laughter while creating an unforgettable experience by creating timeless images they will cherish for a lifetime. 

How do you dream of being photographed? Let’s plan your extraordinary shoot together. 

Here at Neox we take pride in bringing families to life—and telling their stories. This is the Harriman family, who never had professional portraits done of their entire family. The Harriman’s came in to the studio to preserve the family memories and we had such a wonderful time working with them. Memories can fade—but photographs last forever. 

Book with us today! michelle@neoximage.com 305.576.7225

Behind The Scenes

Enjoy the photos from our latest shoot! Lindsey is normally our stylist, but for today, she was our model. She got to enjoy our total transformation experience where we take everyday women and make them realize their true beauty inside themselves.  

Meet Rochelle! 

Our client today was Rochelle, a freelance writer and editor. A longtime client, we had previously worked with Rochelle at the University of Miami and today, she came in for her corporate headshots. 

We’ve been developing our lighting techniques to mimic beauty dish light but by using only natural window light. Great success has come of it so far and we’re pleased by the results! 

If you want portraits taken and want a wonderful experience being prepped and pampered by our makeup artists, don’t hesitate to give us a shout over at Neox Image (305-576-7225).

Photos by our intern, Ayden Grace