Behind the scene! Mini Headshot Marathons

This summer we had the pleasure of running two amazing headshot marathons for all of our fabulous men and women of Miami. Our first headshot marathon, we had the pleasure of photographing four amazing women. It was such joyous morning getting to know these women and have such a great turn out for our first ever marathon. 

Our second headshot marathon was as much of a success as the first! We were lucky enough to have the men to join us this time to experience what the mini headshot marathon was all about. A morning filled with laughs, coffee and tie-pairing, made the experience painless and very enjoyable for the two busy business men. Our lovely women spent the late morning getting pampered with hair and makeup as well as mixing and matching beautiful pieces of jewelry to compliment their stylish outfits. All in all, our headshot marathon was another great success, we are excited to see what additional mini marathons we think up next!

Enjoy our behind the scenes shots of our two marathons!


All of the fun and attention doesn’t need to just be with the woman here at Neox Image. We love doing fun and contemporary family shoots too. 

Last month, we had the pleasure of photographing this fun adventure-loving family. Even little Max and Ellie got into the glam session with the stunning styling help by mom. A photo shoot is the perfect time to play dress-up with the kids. Let them be the little princes and princesses they dream to be. 

Victoria Bella welcomes her new brother Kevin

1 year old Victoria Bella welcomes her newborn brother Kevin . 

1 year old Victoria Bella welcomes her newborn brother Kevin . 

Kevin is all about getting his sleep on

Kevin is all about getting his sleep on

Meet the newest addition to the Weinraub family, Kevin Robert, born April 2, 2014. We had the pleasure of being there to capture his arrival at 14 days old. Not to mention, capture some timeless images of big sister, Victoria’s curiosity and love. This sweet boy has some fun times ahead with his big sister, who just celebrated her 1st birthday. 

A Walk Around the Studio! 

Neox is located in the heart of Wynwood (First Image), the arts and culture center of Miami. If you ever stop by the studio (and we’re open M-F 10am-6pm) there’s plenty to do around the block while you visit. 

1. Art Walk! 

Every second Saturday, Neox and many other places (galleries, coffee shops, printmakers, and studios) open their doors for Wynwood’s Art Walk. It’s lots of fun and there are tons of people to mingle with. 

2. Panther Coffee

If you ever need good coffee, Panther is the place to go. It’s artsy, outdoor areas enrapture all of the local artists and even a man with a typewriter. Can’t get cooler than that! 

3. The Walls 

The Walls around Wynwood are by far the most interesting in Miami. Within a few blocks around our studio, you can find all kinds of art. The pictures above were taken on a fifteen minute walk. There are tons of art hiding in Wynwood and its time for you to dig it up! 

 Neox Image Photography Studio
 Neox Image Photography Studio

Behind the Scenes of Neox Image! 

We recently did a model test for Jim @ Next Models, shot by Michelle Citrin of Neox Image! Our retoucher, David, also proved himself to be a man of many hats as he styled Jim’s hair for the shoot. 


Photographer: Michelle Citrin of Neox Image 

Retouching/Hair Stylist: David Lloyd of Neox Image

Stylist: Lindsey Barrow 

Talent: Jim, NEXT Models

Neox Image photographer’s Michelle Citrin and David Lloyd are incredibly inspired by the artists and local personalities of their surrounding Wynwood neighborhood. Therefore, as part of an ongoing project, Neox Image invited local artist and Miami native, Jose Felix Perez into the studio for an intimate and revealing portrait session, capturing the essence of this mild mannered artist.

Perez, a graduate of New World School Of The Arts, and incredibly talented painter has been showcased throughout Miami including Locust Projects, Spinello Gallery, and the Frederic Snitzer Gallery.

Jose Felix Perez is the first of a series of artists to be featured by Neox Image. To view the entire body of work go to