Meet the Ladies of the Headshot Marathon

We just wrapped our first Headshot Marathon of 2016 and I had the honor to photograph 6 amazing and inspiring women! These women are writing books, have Ted Talks in the works, are honored by their Universities and are some of the most amazing movers and shakers in Miami. 

So I am so excited to share just a sneak peek with you of some of my absolutely favorite images of the event. We had so much fun together and it was so much more than your "typical headshots" here. The girls brought the glam! 

Meet Chantal! She is a rockstar in Realestate development and one of the sweetest, most fun loving people I know. She always finds the bright side to life and loves to laugh. She loves to travel and finds it humbling.

If you are ever in Savannah GA check out her amazing rooftop bar Top Deck, over looking the river for incredible cocktails and fine dining "bar food". 


Meet Kim! She loves helping people feel better with her own Acupuncture and natural health practice in Miami Shores, the Miami Shores Holistic Health Center

Kim loves good food, great conversations and is as sweet as can be. 


Meet Jessi! Her eyes just say it all. Jessi lets her heart guide her and has a great desire to make a difference in the world. She loves her family, friends, and her job at Baptist Health. 

Jessi loves to travel, be spontaneous, and is so gracious and humble. She has a gift that allows you to feel special when you are in her presence, as if you are the only one in the room. She is a women that understands how important community and heritage is, and one of her many passions is the Miami Jewish Federation. 

Meet Kathy! She is currently writing her second book and is passionate about helping people find their "niche" in life. She loves animals, the outdoors, and hanging with her husband Kevin. 

Kathy is currently working on programs and workshops to help baby boomers reinvent their lives at 50 Plus Reinvented

Meet Magali! She is an amazing Immigration attorney here in South Florida and the mom of teenage twins, if you can believe it. Magali makes appearances on Telemundo TV as a lead expert in immigration Law. 

Last but not least, is Rocio and she brought some of the most epic jewelry and clothes to her photo shoot. She is no stranger to sparkle and glamour. 

Rocio is a mother and a giver. She is in the works now to write a passionate novel and is inspired by creativity and culture.  


Thank you all for attending this very special event and I look forward to a long friendship with all of you incredible women! 

-Michelle Citrin



Victoria Bella welcomes her new brother Kevin

1 year old Victoria Bella welcomes her newborn brother Kevin . 

1 year old Victoria Bella welcomes her newborn brother Kevin . 

Kevin is all about getting his sleep on

Kevin is all about getting his sleep on

Meet the newest addition to the Weinraub family, Kevin Robert, born April 2, 2014. We had the pleasure of being there to capture his arrival at 14 days old. Not to mention, capture some timeless images of big sister, Victoria’s curiosity and love. This sweet boy has some fun times ahead with his big sister, who just celebrated her 1st birthday. 

Last week, we had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with Janet and Sandy as part of Janet’s very special birthday celebration. Sandy went above and beyond to plan a week of festivities and surprises for his wife and created the most elaborate series of events including a custom portrait shoot at Neox Image.

We were more than delighted to be included in a long list of activities including a girls weekend trip to Canyon Ranch on Miami Beach. Which, Sandy secretly planned for friends and family to fly in from across the country to surprise Janet throughout the day.

The gift of portraiture is something out of the ordinary yet something rather extraordinary to add to the mix. We are truly blessed to be able to share with our clients a day of pampering and laughter while creating an unforgettable experience by creating timeless images they will cherish for a lifetime. 

How do you dream of being photographed? Let’s plan your extraordinary shoot together. 

Meet Victoria and Mary. They’re the mother daughter team of Cupid Dates, which is an organization that tackles the task of helping couples build long lasting relationships.  During this shoot, both mother and daughter were energetic and fierce, which led to unique portraits that can only be accomplished here at Neox Image Photography Studio.  

As a continuation of the artist project started a few months back by David Lloyd and Michelle Citrin of Neox Image, they brought in the fun Emily Joynton for a portrait session. Emily’s personal style and stunning features inspired the photographers to do a colorful and lighthearted shoot. 

Neox Image Photography Studio is moving Miami locations! But don’t worry, Neox is not moving far. From Unit #204 in the Wynwood Lofts to studio unit #206. Literally, right next door. No moving trunk needed, just a few good friends.

Neox will take any excuse to have a party. Painting white walls, white? Just need some friends, a case of beer, and some music. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and fab members of the Neox family. There are great things in store for Neox in 2012!

The photographic duo, Neox Image, spent some time this weekend at the launch of Art Wynwood. 

"Art Wynwood will further ignite the Wynwood Arts District urban revitalization by providing a high quality, standalone International Contemporary Art Fair that will garner international recognition for the district and deliver a positive economic impact for many years to come." -Nick Korniloff, Director and Partner of Art Wynwood

Miami based photographer team David Lloyd and Michelle Citrin were recently hired to do a fitness and lifestyle shoot for Pilates In The Grove. Take an insider look into a day behind the scenes as Neox Image works together to get the shot. Two pair of eyes are always better than one.