The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Photos

It's interesting and thought provoking to consider that the most photographed generation of history may not have any photographs to show in years to come.

The idea that all of your digital images from your iPhone, Instagram, Facebook are just a series of pixels and that they are stored on the "magical and mysterious cloud".

What would happen if Facebook or Instagram no-longer exist or became obsolete?

What would happen if their programers and designers decide on a new policy that they will no longer store your images after a certain date? 

Where will these social media platforms be in 10, 20, 30+ years? We have no idea what will come of it all and what the future holds for social media.

So what will happen to all of your incredible visual memories? Your birthdays, weddings, the birth of your children.

Professional photographers are well aware of the downfalls of digitals and we realize that digital images are actually an impermanent object. We understand that in just one system crash, glass of water, or human error, everything can be deleted in one fail swoop. 

So, how do we save and preserve these cherished images? PRINT your photographs! 

When you are old and gray, and want to pass down the visual story of your life, will you hand over a hard drive of images to your children or present a leather bound, archival printed, album to be passed down for generations?

Printed portraits are timeless and will exist regardless of the advances in technology.

Who remembers the floppy disc? Not many people do. 

Choosing to invest in professional photographer is an investment in yourself and family legacy. Create timeless and elegant visuals to add to your story.  

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." -Dorothea Lange.

Helpful and easy on-line print shops to print from your phones and computers: Mpix, SnapFish, or use Apple Print Products for books albums and calendars.