What A Bad $300 Hair Cut Taught Me

At the beginning of this year I decided it was time to update my very own portraits for myself and my brand.

I was just like any of my clients, nervous before the shoot, running around to get new dresses, and make sure everything was ready for my big day. It’s not everyday, I actually turn the camera on myself so, this was a BIG DEAL!

Then I realized, that I should really invest in this so I look and feel like a million bucks! I was going to go the full mile.

So, I booked a salon appointment with a high end Miami Beach Salon.

There is actually one thing I am pretty self conscious about and get very nervous with, it’s my thin hair.  So all too often, I don’t fuss over it or spend a lot of time or money on it.

I get very nervous letting a stylist run their fingers through it. Especially in a town that has so many gorgeous women with gorgeous hair. I didn’t want to be judged or shamed for my painfully thin hair.

So with hesitation, I booked an appointment and told myself “it will be worth it and relaxing, I’ll treat myself".

Well it was ANYTHING BUT RELAXING! My stylist took me to his chair and immediately began what he thought I needed. I was terribly nervous and only spoke up a little, “I’m not sure if I like highlights”.

He told me, “you really need them to cover the damage”. So I went with it.

I asked for a glass of wine to calm my nerves, he almost laughed and said “oh no, we don’t have wine”, so he brought me water in a plastic cup. (YUCK)

Then, he proceeds to totally process my hair, wash it in painfully cold water, and chop the crap out of it.

I HATED IT! It was nothing that I wanted and looked dull.

I left and went to my car and cried after forking up $300 for that experience. (I did go back the next day to have it re-adjusted but I still wasn’t happy.)

It wasn’t so much about the cut or color. They were fine, I guess. My friends and family reassured me that it looked “nice”.

It was the fact that entire experience left me feeling horrible! I felt unloved, unheard, and terrible for spending that kind of money without LOVING it!

I took this experience to completely relate to what my clients are probably feeling before they step in front of my camera.

They are terrified, they are vulnerable, they are a little self conscious. They need to be listened to, they need to comforted, and they need to be pampered!

I told this story to my entire team! I told them that “no woman should ever feel this way in our studio”!

This is a safe place, a place to be creative, and to feel loved. Together we need to create portraits they LOVE for a lifetime.

But most of all they need to leave the studio with a smile on their face!

Every moment in life is an opportunity to learn and grow. I will take this experience to learn from it and turn it into something positive for others.


The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Photos

It's interesting and thought provoking to consider that the most photographed generation of history may not have any photographs to show in years to come.

The idea that all of your digital images from your iPhone, Instagram, Facebook are just a series of pixels and that they are stored on the "magical and mysterious cloud".

What would happen if Facebook or Instagram no-longer exist or became obsolete?

What would happen if their programers and designers decide on a new policy that they will no longer store your images after a certain date? 

Where will these social media platforms be in 10, 20, 30+ years? We have no idea what will come of it all and what the future holds for social media.

So what will happen to all of your incredible visual memories? Your birthdays, weddings, the birth of your children.

Professional photographers are well aware of the downfalls of digitals and we realize that digital images are actually an impermanent object. We understand that in just one system crash, glass of water, or human error, everything can be deleted in one fail swoop. 

So, how do we save and preserve these cherished images? PRINT your photographs! 

When you are old and gray, and want to pass down the visual story of your life, will you hand over a hard drive of images to your children or present a leather bound, archival printed, album to be passed down for generations?

Printed portraits are timeless and will exist regardless of the advances in technology.

Who remembers the floppy disc? Not many people do. 

Choosing to invest in professional photographer is an investment in yourself and family legacy. Create timeless and elegant visuals to add to your story.  

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." -Dorothea Lange.

Helpful and easy on-line print shops to print from your phones and computers: Mpix, SnapFish, or use Apple Print Products for books albums and calendars. 



Savor the Success | Tips for Self Confidence


It’s no surprise that I specialize in photographing women but why? This is not just about the art of photography, it’s about my mission to empower the women in my community.

We are often so hard on ourselves and strive to have it all and do it perfectly.

I want to show you that you are beautiful exactly the way you are and where you are in your life right now.



The Dali Lama once said that “the world will be saved by the Western woman.”



What would happen if every woman you know were to be a little more confident, stood a little taller, or loved themselves a little more? I think we could maybe save the world too!


I can only photograph so many women a month but I want to share some tips for feeling more confident everyday starting today.


#1 Stop Comparing yourself to others.

I know this is easier said than done. We are all unique and our lives are unique. The moment you believe that you are exactly where you need to be and begin to love yourself for who you are the better you will feel and the more confident you will be.


#2 Start your day with positive affirmations.

Make a list of 5 self love, gratitude, encouraging affirmations to say about yourself. It is hard to stay negative or sad when you feel genuine gratitude for your life. 


#3 Take a break to actually enjoy your coffee!

Before you rush off to work or get in your car, make the time to have 10 minutes just for you. I love enjoying my coffee on the patio with a magazine. It's so simple but just feels glamorous. This can be to sit and read a magazine with breakfast, take a quick walk, or dance before work! 


#3 Plan a date with your best girlfriends.

Nothing is more empowering, energizing, and uplifting than our goddess inner circles. Savor the moment and plan a date with the girls who inspire you and love you unconditionally. 


#4 Do something you love!

We get lost in the everyday grind and often lose ourselves. When was the last time you went bike riding, horseback riding, or to the beach with friends? Treat yourself once a week, no act of kindness is too small. 

#5 Get a makeover.

I don’t know about you but nothing makes me feel better than a new haircut, dress, or having my makeup professionally done. It doesn’t need to be a dramatic makeover but something new and fresh. Hire a makeup artist for your next big party or rent a designer dress to feel like a movie star for the night. This little act of kindness to yourself will sit with you all month.

Meet the Ladies of the Headshot Marathon

We just wrapped our first Headshot Marathon of 2016 and I had the honor to photograph 6 amazing and inspiring women! These women are writing books, have Ted Talks in the works, are honored by their Universities and are some of the most amazing movers and shakers in Miami. 

So I am so excited to share just a sneak peek with you of some of my absolutely favorite images of the event. We had so much fun together and it was so much more than your "typical headshots" here. The girls brought the glam! 

Meet Chantal! She is a rockstar in Realestate development and one of the sweetest, most fun loving people I know. She always finds the bright side to life and loves to laugh. She loves to travel and finds it humbling.

If you are ever in Savannah GA check out her amazing rooftop bar Top Deck, over looking the river for incredible cocktails and fine dining "bar food". 


Meet Kim! She loves helping people feel better with her own Acupuncture and natural health practice in Miami Shores, the Miami Shores Holistic Health Center

Kim loves good food, great conversations and is as sweet as can be. 


Meet Jessi! Her eyes just say it all. Jessi lets her heart guide her and has a great desire to make a difference in the world. She loves her family, friends, and her job at Baptist Health. 

Jessi loves to travel, be spontaneous, and is so gracious and humble. She has a gift that allows you to feel special when you are in her presence, as if you are the only one in the room. She is a women that understands how important community and heritage is, and one of her many passions is the Miami Jewish Federation. 

Meet Kathy! She is currently writing her second book and is passionate about helping people find their "niche" in life. She loves animals, the outdoors, and hanging with her husband Kevin. 

Kathy is currently working on programs and workshops to help baby boomers reinvent their lives at 50 Plus Reinvented

Meet Magali! She is an amazing Immigration attorney here in South Florida and the mom of teenage twins, if you can believe it. Magali makes appearances on Telemundo TV as a lead expert in immigration Law. 

Last but not least, is Rocio and she brought some of the most epic jewelry and clothes to her photo shoot. She is no stranger to sparkle and glamour. 

Rocio is a mother and a giver. She is in the works now to write a passionate novel and is inspired by creativity and culture.  


Thank you all for attending this very special event and I look forward to a long friendship with all of you incredible women! 

-Michelle Citrin



A Look Into the Headshot Marathon | Behind the Scenes

Last week we finished the much anticipated Headshot Marathon! This is our largest Semi-Annual sale to date. 

My team and I were so honored to have had 6 women join us as we photographed each client for their own private shoot back-to-back. Hence the cute nick name "marathon", we were in it for the long haul but excited for the challenge.

We have attracted so many inspiring and beautiful clients this year.

These women are writing books, planning on doing Ted Talks, were honored by their University Alumni boards,  are designing new websites, and launching a new TV career; just to name a few exciting things in the works for my 6 Michelle Citrin Studios Marathon girls. 

The day was filled with laughs, encouragement, and just plain fun.  Even though, each girl was there for business, specifically professional headshots, we made sure to take time for some personal beauty portraits. Work hard and play hard. 

During our in-person style consultation last week, I encouraged all of the ladies to bring in at least one "wow" dress. Something I like to call your "wild card" dress. This is a dress that you bring for you! A dress that has sparkle or shine. It may be something you bought years ago and love but have no special occasion to wear it. THIS IS YOUR SPECIAL OCCASION. 

Let's celebrate you and your achievements. Your personal growth and your self love. Let's celebrate being alive to see this day. Being given the gift to age is a blessing my friends. 

We hope you will join us for the next and final Headshot Marathon coming JUNE 2016. 

It Was Time For An Update | My Personal Headshots

So as we came to the end of 2015 and I have so much fantastic magical things planned for 2016, I thought to myself, it’s time for new portraits!


Time really flies and it’s hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years or more since I took my formal beauty headshots. I better practice what I preach, and update my own headshots every 2-3 years too! So it’s time for an update.  


So you may ask, who photographs the photographer? I am collaborating with my fabulous and talented  studio manager, Andrea to photograph me!



Ahh, and now just like you, I was a little freaked out. It’s funny to think that even a photographer becomes just a girl for her big photoshoot. (I may have even freaked out even more than most people.)



The immediate thought popped up, “I have nothing to wear”! Of course once I really looked through my closet I had plenty of options. I then added a huge shopping spree where I bought half of Nordstrom saying “this will work” even though that hot jump suit doesn’t zip up (no one sees the back of the outfit in the photos..wink wink), as I pose in the mirror of the dressing room.


It’s time to get some gym time in at the last minute to “tone up” too.


I’ve frantically made nail and hair appointments. All in an effort to get it all done and work a full time job and take care of my loved ones and social obligations (who’s idea was it to plan a shoot the week before Christmas anyhow…..oh yea mine).


The best thing that has come from all this, is that I now I have an experience fresh in my mind to relate to my clients. All the FEARS, worries, and little insecurities all come to the surface but now I can honestly tell my clients "trust me I totally understand what you are worried about but, you are in good hands and I am here to walk you through this."

After all, I am just a girl and we all just want to look and feel great! I am so honored and excited to share some of the final images (more to come soon.)



It's Ok to be Nervous

It's ok to be nervous about the idea of doing a full beauty photo shoot! We totally get it and you are not alone. The idea that you will be the center of attention, being pampered and fussed over, being told "Oh My God you're gorgeous" during your session; this is an unsettling idea for most women. By nature, women are so selfless and often sacrifice so much to better the lives of their loved ones before themselves. 

Every one that calls the studio before their session is a little nervous. Some more than others but every woman is nervous. It's a little scary to come to a photo studio to spend a day in the spotlight as a "model" and you have no idea what to do! Do you? Don't worry, that is not your job to know what to do, wear, or how to pose. That's our job and that is what we do best. 

So you don't know what to wear? We have designed a 10 page Style Guide E-Book just for you and your shoot with specific recommendations and examples to flatter your figure! You'd be surprised what fabulous dresses and outfits you have sitting in your own closet that you may have forgotten about. What about that gown you bought years ago for a friends wedding and feel beautiful in or your "wild card" dress you bought thinking "OMG I love this but when will I ever wear it". Bring it! A beauty shoot is the perfect time to dust off your favorite dresses. 

So you have no modeling experience? You don't need any! All you really would need is an open mind and heart to trust Michelle and her team. We will work with you while Michelle will be your posing coach and direct you all the way from your chin down to your toes. She will be continuously repositioning you and chatting during your session so you won't even get a chance to think about it. 

You still don't know what to expect or what to do? Everything from all the details, timeline, the experience and designing your dream photo shoot will all be answered and discussed during your private style consultation with Michelle. You will come to the studio and together you will plan your custom session, look at our Studio's line of Fine Art products, plan what to wear and ask all the questions you can think of.  Then, after you book you will be receiving reminder emails and a courtesy phone call the week of your session to make sure you are all ready for your day. 

So, there is no reason to be terrified about doing a beauty portrait photo shoot. Especially at a studio that specializes and caters to women's needs and bodies. Having a few "butterflies" in your stomach is a good thing and means that this is something that excites you! Excitement is a good thing! We all deserve a little excitement and pampering in our lives.

Call the studio today to speak with Michelle and set a date for your Style Consultation at the studio. 305.576.7225. 

A Spiritual Session with Lisa Eve

We photograph woman every day but, Lisa Eve was unique. She came to the studio with an unusual request. "I need portraits to cover all the of my businesses".

So, during her consultation we realized more than one session was needed to showcase all of the facets to her business. Entrepreneur, Spiritual healer, and author. 

The highlight of her incredible session was when Lisa sat with me after her session and we chatted and she guided me with her angels, and we spoke for an hour about life, love and career. She brings joy and ease to all she meets and is an inspirational female entrepreneur. It was such an honor to help her grow her brand and be apart of her team.

In need of a pick-me-up? Check out Lisa's wonderful "Happy Channel" here to find inspiration quotes and to watch videos to just make you smile! It's your one-stop-shop for Happy.