Personal Branding Tip 2| Dress the Part

Long over are the days of the boring old “headshot” from the early 2000’s (more than a decade ago if you can believe it) when you needed just one “decent” picture of yourself.


Now in the digital world with your personal Facebook page, your own website, Linked-in, featured press releases, news articles, and the list goes on; are all part of your personal brand no matter what career you are in.


This whole “one decent image, shot with a decent camera” is no longer a good representation of you or your business!


People want to see who you are and get an idea for your AUTHENTIC self!


It’s all about building trust with your followers, clients, and leads. You need images that speak to them, engage them, and show off your unique style.




When thinking of what to wear for your personal headshots, you should dress the part. Consider who your target market is and what it is you are selling.


Also, consider what your current logo and brand colors are. I recommend choosing clothing that either matches or compliments those colors. Visualize how the colors of your clothes will work with your logo or look on your website.


Then, consider the personal image you want to represent for your audience. Do you want to appear serious or laid back? Strong or gentle? Trendy or classic?


For example, if you are an interior designer, you may want to appear stylish, fun, but classic. So you could choose a classic cut dress and accessorize it with a unique statement piece of jewelry. Maybe bring your funky reading glasses to add a touch of personality too. Or go with a bold bright pattern for that one-of-a-kind statement.

Your headshot is your first impression you make with your clients online. The more effort you put in before your personal branding photo shoot, the more polished your images will appear and inevitably the more high end your services will appear.