What's the Big Deal About Your Headshot? | Personal Branding Tips

What’s the big deal about your headshots any way?


News Flash: The days of just popping in for a quick generic “headshot” from the early 2000’s are over!


We are now in a digital world where your personal image is key to your brand and personal image. Not to mention, your personal images are now the first thing everyone sees all day everyday.


With facebook, linked-in, your website, book cover, featured articles, press releases, the list can go on. All of these need your portrait aka your headshot. Or what we in the industry refer to as your branding portraits.


Years ago, an everyday run of the mill “headshot” from a “good camera” shot on a white wall, would have cut it. It may have been just “good enough” for your website or “it will do for now”.


Well this is no longer the case NOW in 2016, your clients, readers, followers, leads, bosses, all want to see who you are and why you’re worth it!


What do you have that sets you apart from the rest? Are you someone worth the time, money, or the job?


Your portraits are now an essential part of you and your business.

So for the next few weeks I want to help you find clarity on your personal brand and your personal image. I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks for the creating the most captivating, authentic, and impactful headshots for your business.  



Or better yet, make sure you understand your audience. 

Who is your dream client? If you could paint a picture of her/him, what does your client's life look like? Where does this client live? Where do they shop? What are your client's major struggles?

Once you can identify who you are targeting and attracting with your website and full marketing, you will be able to speak to them on a true authentic level through your images.