A Walk Around the Studio! 

Neox is located in the heart of Wynwood (First Image), the arts and culture center of Miami. If you ever stop by the studio (and we’re open M-F 10am-6pm) there’s plenty to do around the block while you visit. 

1. Art Walk! 

Every second Saturday, Neox and many other places (galleries, coffee shops, printmakers, and studios) open their doors for Wynwood’s Art Walk. It’s lots of fun and there are tons of people to mingle with. 

2. Panther Coffee

If you ever need good coffee, Panther is the place to go. It’s artsy, outdoor areas enrapture all of the local artists and even a man with a typewriter. Can’t get cooler than that! 

3. The Walls 

The Walls around Wynwood are by far the most interesting in Miami. Within a few blocks around our studio, you can find all kinds of art. The pictures above were taken on a fifteen minute walk. There are tons of art hiding in Wynwood and its time for you to dig it up!