5 Tips | Learn to Quiet Your Inner Critic

How many times have you heard an inner voice? An inner voice that is usually a big fat meanie? She criticizes your hair, your body, or intelligence? She makes you doubt yourself and your decisions.

We all have her living inside us. She is not your friend and should kindly be told to “shut up”. 

I have struggled for years with this voice that is so mean, she is evil and in no longer welcome to speak to me. I have learned to quiet her voice so that my stronger, kinder side can speak LOUDER. 

This has helped me love myself more, launch a thriving business, and rock my life. 


I have learned to do this with 5 easy tips to Quiet your Inner Critic. 

1- Name your inner voice because she is not you!

 This will allow you to see her as someone outside of yourself and this way you can kindly tell her to “shut up.” So that you can go on to love yourself and do amazing things with your life. 


2- Acknowledge your fear but do not let it stop you.

Taking on a new job, starting something new, or doing something right, can all be scary but fear is temporary and if we acknowledge that it is there then we can conquer it. 


3- Remind yourself how amazing you are!

When that little voice creeps in, say out loud, what makes you amazing and awesome! Point out how gorgeous you are and why your rock! 


4- Get productive.

How can you be negative if you are actively working towards your goal? At the end of the day you will feel amazing and happy. 



5- Ask yourself, “would I say this to my best friend, mother, or sister?”

We are so hard on ourselves and so often we are so mean that we would never speak these words to women we love. So why on Earth would we say these negative and hurtful things to ourselves? So next time you hear that “inner critic” say something mean, stop her because you do not speak to ones you love like that!