When My Friends Become My Clients

Thankfully, I have created a career that I love, that feeds my soul, and is actually a lot of fun! As a result, my clients often become my good friends. We often keep in touch and meet up for lunch and cocktails.

If you know me well then you know, I am obsessed with the TV hit show, FRIENDS. Just this week a client had to call me Sunday night to tell me FRIENDS had a reunion Live on NBC. (Which I had no clue about and thankfully we are close enough she knew to call me for such an epic event!)


So, what happens when my current friends choose to trust me with their own portraits and become my clients?


This month, I was blessed enough to actually photograph 6 of my dear girlfriends. Women that make me laugh, pick me up when I am down, and inspire me to do better and strive for greatness.


As I grow older and approach the next chapter in my life as a “30 something”, my girlfriends become that much more important to me and my success in life.


These relationships are more than surface level friendships. My girlfriends have now become my mentors and my inspiration.


These women are already mothers, successful business owners, artists, entrepreneurs, and some have overcome heart breaking loses. They are strong, uplifting, and resilient.


So what happens when I am blessed enough to work with them?


It actually makes me nervous! Why? I know these women well, I know how beautiful they are, how much they do for others, how hard they work! Yet sometimes they can’t always see it themselves even though we all see their true beauty.


It is my personal mission to bring out the beauty in all women, but when it’s my dearest friends, it means so much that they see it too.

It’s the biggest compliment that these women now love themselves in photographs and embrace this time in their gorgeous lives.