It's Ok to be Nervous

It's ok to be nervous about the idea of doing a full beauty photo shoot! We totally get it and you are not alone. The idea that you will be the center of attention, being pampered and fussed over, being told "Oh My God you're gorgeous" during your session; this is an unsettling idea for most women. By nature, women are so selfless and often sacrifice so much to better the lives of their loved ones before themselves. 

Every one that calls the studio before their session is a little nervous. Some more than others but every woman is nervous. It's a little scary to come to a photo studio to spend a day in the spotlight as a "model" and you have no idea what to do! Do you? Don't worry, that is not your job to know what to do, wear, or how to pose. That's our job and that is what we do best. 

So you don't know what to wear? We have designed a 10 page Style Guide E-Book just for you and your shoot with specific recommendations and examples to flatter your figure! You'd be surprised what fabulous dresses and outfits you have sitting in your own closet that you may have forgotten about. What about that gown you bought years ago for a friends wedding and feel beautiful in or your "wild card" dress you bought thinking "OMG I love this but when will I ever wear it". Bring it! A beauty shoot is the perfect time to dust off your favorite dresses. 

So you have no modeling experience? You don't need any! All you really would need is an open mind and heart to trust Michelle and her team. We will work with you while Michelle will be your posing coach and direct you all the way from your chin down to your toes. She will be continuously repositioning you and chatting during your session so you won't even get a chance to think about it. 

You still don't know what to expect or what to do? Everything from all the details, timeline, the experience and designing your dream photo shoot will all be answered and discussed during your private style consultation with Michelle. You will come to the studio and together you will plan your custom session, look at our Studio's line of Fine Art products, plan what to wear and ask all the questions you can think of.  Then, after you book you will be receiving reminder emails and a courtesy phone call the week of your session to make sure you are all ready for your day. 

So, there is no reason to be terrified about doing a beauty portrait photo shoot. Especially at a studio that specializes and caters to women's needs and bodies. Having a few "butterflies" in your stomach is a good thing and means that this is something that excites you! Excitement is a good thing! We all deserve a little excitement and pampering in our lives.

Call the studio today to speak with Michelle and set a date for your Style Consultation at the studio. 305.576.7225.