Ladies, Let's Talk about Guilt

I was with a client recently and she is a international business coach working with huge corporations and especially female CEO's. The topic of guilt came up and guilt specifically pertaining to women!

How woman feel guilt when they do something just for themselves. Especially if it involves spending money on only themselves. 

Why is this that we feel this way? Why can't we do something for our selves and feel good about it?

Why can't we see that making ourselves happy WILL benefit everyone in our lives?

I had this realization also this week while my boyfriend was away for work over the weekend. We do not have children nor are we married, so a weekend to myself should result in the ultimate girls weekend right?

I began to dream of a day at the spa and a mani-pedi, brunch with old friends. Then, I started rationalizing against all these fabulous ideas and had thoughts of "no you shouldn't spend all that money on just yourself" or I thought "we could spend this money on a weekend together".

I caught myself discrediting my worth and rationalizing why it's not worth the spend it on JUST ME!

What?!! Where does this all come from? Why do I have GUILT about spending MY OWN money on myself and my happiness. 

As woman we often put "the greater good" of our loved ones above ourselves. Then, we feel guilt when we do something wonderful for ourselves.

Everyday Glamour and finding balance starts with ourselves and making the time to find that little part of self-love everyday.