A Busy Girls Guide to Stay Beautiful

 By no means am I a heath guru or beauty expert but, I do love everyday glamour and live a life of natural beauty. I am obsessed with reading and learning how to age gracefully and how to do it naturally. 

A few great natural tips to everyday beauty and the busy-girls-guide to staying beautiful: 

1- Make sure to wash your face every night! I read once that only 50% of woman wash their faces at night. The reason why experts call it "beauty sleep" is that our cells regenerates while we sleep. So take this opportunity to revamp your skin! Don't let the day's makeup and environmental residue sit on your face overnight. Get a refreshed look by gently exfoliating with a clean wash cloth and washing with a natural fragrance-free soup every night. Your skin will thank you with this quick and inexpensive trick!

2- Wear sunscreen from your forehead to you BOOBS. Often magazines tell us to wear our facial sunscreen (make sure its a minimum of 30 spf)  but many girls often forget to cover their necks and chests. These areas are also the first to show age and it's very important to practice in our early 20's. BONUS TIP: don't forget coverage of the tops/backs of your hands. Hands often age quickly with excess of sun exposure . (My favorite natural and affordable brand: Kiss Sunscreen)

3- Add vitamin E  Oil to your everyday moisturizer. A great way to pump antioxidants into your daily routine is to add a simple and inexpensive few drops of Vitamin E to your daily moisturizer.  (Found at every local drugstores and in the vitamin isle at any store).


Thanks for reading and following! 

-Michelle Citrin of Neox Image